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Post by Spanky on Sun Feb 10, 2008 12:54 pm

Welcome to!

Phat Welcome! Cheeringtb7

These forums are Administrated by Spanky -----> and were made for misc use by radom retards. These forums are intended to be used and abused like a drug or a second hand condom.

If you are in anyway offended by the posts or threads left by the morons on this site. Feel free to contact me on

People who are not registered to the forums will not be able to post or vote in any polls, however, they are able to read and view every single forum. Please feel free to fill out the registrartion form (20 seconds) and start posting like a mad person.

Anyone acting like a complete tool will get a swift ninjitsu perma-ban from me. Don't fuck with the forum god.

Thank you.

Welcome to Banana Sauce.

Oh nose. Its Yerko.

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